Columbia River Knife & Tool Holds Many Patents

Columbia River Knife & Tool or(CRKT) started making knives in 1994. It’s headquarters is located in Tualatin, Oregon. Even though they are located in the United states most of there knives are made in China or Taiwan. Columbia River Knife & Tool was founded by Rod Bremer, and Paul Gillespi. These two men use to work for Kershaw knives.

Columbia River Knife & Tool had a slow oem knives start but in 1998 they came out with a small folding knife called the K.I.S.S Witch stands for Keep It Super Simple. This knife was designed by Ed Halligan. The K.I.S.S was there first success. The K.I.S.S was a huge success from the day it came out to know. This was a huge boost to the company.

Columbia River Knife & tool holds many patents. Two of the most obvious are the patents for there AutoLAWKS, and the assist opening Mechanism. Two features that set there knives apart from the other knife manufactures. The AutoLAWKS is a safety feature. It is a typical locking liner with a extra twist it has a small lever that make sure that the lock does not slip out. And is just as fast to open and close, all you do is hold down a small Lever and it folds right up just like all other pocket knives. Now the Patent that I think is the best feature that Columbia River Knife & Tool has is the assist Opening mechanism. This is just a small lever on the back of the knife and then you give it a little flick the knife pops open.

Back in 2000 the US Customs seized a shipment of knives worth over $4.3 million. The inspector thought that Because of the assist opening mechanism was to much like a switchblade even thought these pocket knives had come thought customs many before, this time they did not. After 17 days CRKT got there knives back. Even thought the pocket knives are very easy and quick to open none of them fit the definition of a switchblade defined by the U.S. Switch Blade Knife Act of 1958.

Columbia River Knife & Tool make great pocket knives, hunting knives and knives for the military. They also make many different tool that are of great quality. These knives are simple but creative at the same time.

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