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So, you have begun. You have taken the first steps. Perhaps you have already enrolled in the class to learn about television production or perhaps you have even graduated already.

You will find all kinds at the studio. So take caution and observe lots before you interact with someone. Ask around, and then do your own investigations so see which producers you want to work with. You want to work with producers who are professional, polite and with those whose first priority is respect, kindness, consideration and hard-working. You can have a casual show, funny show or light-hearted show –at the same time you aims and goals can be respecting other human beings and treating everyone with kindness.

Or maybe you are just thinking it over. Perhaps you are nervous about joining in. Here is a look into community access television production. You are all ready to deal with any and all circumstances that arise during productions, or are you? Some of the producers have problems when they begin because they expect all producers to be professional. If you enter television productions business expecting to meet only professionals you are in for a huge surprise. So come into the business with an open mind, a guarded trust and a large knowledge of what really happens inside of community access television. By being aware of the various types of personalities inside the studio and by being aware of the various incidents that could or might happen inside the studio, you are growing and learning in this television production business. This article will give you some of that knowledge that you will need to protect you, your shows and your reputation.

There Are All Kinds: First, a glimpse inside the average community access television studio in a large, bustling city. Here you will find these types of people (as producers, as talent, as hosts, as guest and even as audiences). You will find warm-hearted, wonderful individuals, loving, giving, caring individuals, abusive people, arrogant humans, egotistical individuals, extremely talented humans, very Intelligent people, foolish individuals, nasty individuals, celebrities, ordinary human beings and very extraordinary human beings. You will find Pastors, Reverends, Rabbis, and ex-offenders; You will find community leaders, girl scout leaders, Outward Bound graduates, homeless people, students, con men, jugglers, clowns, actors and actresses. You will meet some that just want to make money off of you or off of your team. And then you will meet others who are warm individuals with big hearts. You will find some students at the community access school who are there to help and serve others, while at the same time, you will meet some that would cut your throat if they thought they could get away with it. You will find musicians, children, teens and senior citizens. lg led tv 43 inch

You will find generous people who will give of their time, effort and experience. You will find those that bring delicious home-cooked meals and others who bring food for the mind and soul. There are many who will bring exotic snacks and interesting life experiences. You will find people from all walks of life inside the production studios. Do not let anything stop you from learning your trade or stop you from not being a community producer. You will do great! Team up with the good-hearted people; team up with the serious workers, and team up with other students who are there to learn, to help and to serve others and you cannot go wrong in your journey through community access television.

Surprised? I was very surprised to see that some involved in community access were not professional people. So, I see that you were not expecting that list. You are surprised? Did you expect only caring individuals to be in the television studio? Did you expect only honest people or people that treat humans with respect? If you expected only respect and only professionalism, you will be abruptly surprised if you spend enough time in the average community access studio doing productions. You need to remember at all times that each and every producer is different from the next. Everyone has their own personality and everyone will act how they want to act. There are some producers who will break the rules. So being aware of this fact will help you.


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